Precision Painting | PRESSURE WASHING
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Pressure Washing

Over time, dirt, grime, and mildew on the exterior of your home can become visually unappealing, and cause serious damage to your home’s vinyl siding, foundation, decks, and patios. Almost every part of your home’s exterior will benefit from pressure wash cleanings.

Precision Painting offers Pressure Washing Services including:

Vinyl Siding Power Washing

Low Pressure Roof Washing

Patio, Foundation, & Driveway Cleaning

Brick & Block Power Washing

Deck & Wood Pressure Washing

Methods of Cleaning

Different surfaces require different pressures and methods of cleaning. Wood decks for example, are much softer than a concrete driveway or patio, so they require different levels of pressure to ensure the proper cleaning while preventing damages.

Contact Us

If your Charlotte area home or business is in need of a professional and thorough cleaning, then contact the experienced home improvement professionals at Precision Painting, and schedule your free in-home demo today.