Precision Painting | FAQ’s
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Why choose Precision Painting?

Selecting the right contractor is not an easy task. Our goal is to get you all of the information you need to make the best decision on which painting contractor is the right fit for you. We strive to be detailed and thorough – from the written, no hidden fees and on the spot estimate through completion of your painting project beyond your expectations.

How do I know you will do quality work?

This is often the hardest and most important question when selecting a contractor. There is a certain level of trust any customer must place in their contractor based on all of the information they can gather. Here is how we can help put your mind at ease:

We employ only highly skilled painters and train them on a painting process that produces high quality work

We stand behind our work with a warranty

We are happy to provide references

We accept payment after the job is fully completed – no upfront deposit

We will walk the job throughout the process and immediately work to correct any of your concerns

Where do you get your price?

Our price comes from 3 components


We receive a discount on several brands of paint and pass these savings on to you. The ``right`` type of paint depends on the job – and we will discuss the options to make sure the proper product is used.


We employ highly skilled painters and compensate them fairly. However, we are unique in that compensation for our employee's is directly tied to quality and efficiency metrics. Our employees have a direct interest in your project – and we can guarantee you will not find a harder working or more meticulous

Time on the Job:

The third component is the amount of time we spend on your project. We stand by our work with a warranty, and we understand that preparation is one of the keys to a long lasting paint job. So the time we put into each job is critical to the final product. However, we use a standard, proven method to complete the job and train our painters in this method. The result is a repeatable, higher quality product that is completed more efficiently then our competitors – saving you money.

Bottom Line on price: Our customers find that our price is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. On Price, we are most often somewhere in the middle. But on Value, our customer’s expectations have consistently been exceeded.

What type of paint do you use?

We take the time to evaluate which painting product is “best” for your particular project. We have used many paint brands and done significant research, and will recommend what we have been most successful with. If there is a particular product you would like to use that’s OK also. Here are some of the items we consider for selecting the right paint:

What type of longevity do I expect?

What adverse factors are present (mold, sun exposure, wind exposure, etc.)

Do I want it to be washable and to what extent?

What fits my materials budget?

Can I supply my
own paint?

Yes. If you already have the paint
or would like to purchase it, either is fine.

Are your employees eligible to work in the United States?

Yes. This is a legal requirement and
condition of employment.

How long will it take to complete my project?

This, of course, is based on the scope of the project. We will let you know up front approximately how long the project will take to complete. There may be factors that cause the time needed to vary slightly. We will not, however, move off of your job to start another one. We will work on your project continuously from start to finish.

Did you know the Right painting improvements can add value to your home?

It’s true. Whether you will be living in your house for years to come or are entertaining the idea of putting it on the market, homeowners are often looking for the best ways to spruce up their home while adding value.

A great painting job does two things. First, it can figuratively add “life” to your home through color choice and texture. Most real estate professionals will tell you that warm, neutral earth tones get the best return with regard to color. It’s the difference between a buyer walking into your home and saying “I like the house, but we’ll have to re-paint the whole thing” versus “Wow, I could see moving right in and setting up my furniture.”

Second, painting can literally add life to your home. A great painting job protects the underneath surfaces for years to come. Without it, elements like moisture, mold and sun exposure can wear away wood, drywall, or other substrates, causing damage and much more significant costs.

How do I choose a color/What if I don’t like it?

Picking the right color is an important part of the pre-work needed before painting begins. It’s your home, so we want you to be the one that chooses the color. Remember, the color may look slightly different on the splotch then it does on your walls. The lighting, other colors in the room and substrate will all effect how it appears to you.

We recommend trying the color out on a section of your wall before making your final decision. We are happy to come out to your home before the project begins and paint a sample section for you to look at!